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Translating the Brand concept to the final sales package can be a costly exercise without a solid Design for Print or Package Print Production background.
In Asia colleges rarely provide these subjects, with the result that the skills required to produce printable designs are learned on-the-fly by both
Package Designers and their Brand Owner clients - often with serious cost implications.
This Unit removes the guess-work and variables and ultimately finger-pointing from the Packaging Printing Process.

This  Unit is delivered  at INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED levels only for Brand Owners, Package Designers & Packaging Suppliers who need a basic grounding in Printing the Package.

It is available in two separate complementary Modules :

  • Design for Print Production
  • Pre-press & Print Fundamentals

These Modules can be delivered individually or together as a single course or within Unit 302

Packaging 303.1: Design for Print Production
Level: Intermediate Duration:1 Day

Who Should Attend?

Non Printing Specialists:- Packaging Designers, Brand & Marketing Managers who participate in the packaging design & production process

This Unit addresses the technical production issues of graphic design for packaging. This module provides an  appreciation of the factors affecting colour perception, how colours are applied in the package printing process, the impact and application of colour in packaging.
Students will understand the technical process of translating a marketing concept into a printable product.
Course Content:
Print Production Design Fundamentals
  • Understanding the Print Production Workflow
  • Understanding the impact of print process selection on graphic design
  • Colour Management Systems: Taking the guess-work out of colour:
  • Calibrating the workflow
  • Graphic elements
  • Image & Typography
  • Readability & retention
  • Shape & Graphics
Understanding Colour
  • Light & wavelengths
  • Different Perceptions & Defining Colour
  • Colour variation/ Colour spectrum & Gamut
The Role of Colour in Packaging
  • Brand & Product Identification, Regulatory compliance, Information Communication,
  • Attracting the potential buyer,
  • Maintain brand identity
  • Colour in Asian Culture - how is it different from Western perception?
Colour for Packaging vs Commercial print:
  • More than 4-colours
  • Achieving CMYK + special colours
  • Proprietary inking systems: Hexachrome, Opaltone
  • Inks, varnishes & coatings
  • Limitations of the print process

Preparing the Art-work for print

  • Proofing & Verifying Colour
  • Factors Affecting Colour:
  • Substrate Lighting
  • Digital vs analogue colour & Why is what you see is not always what you get
  • Understanding Proofs:-
    • Functions of the Proof
    • Concept, Dieline & Match proof
    • Proofing variations:
      • Wet
      • Dry
      • Digital
    • Common avoidable proofing errors
Packaging: 303.2 Pre-press & Print Fundamentals
Level: Advanced
Duration: 1 Day

Who Should Attend?

Packaging Design Art Directors and Brand & Marketing Managers participating and supervising the packaging design, commissioning & production supervision process, and require a more in-depth knowledge of pre-press and print

This Unit addresses the technical production issues of print production for packaging.
It provides a foundation for non-printers to authoritatively check and approve print.
Students will understand the technical process and the cost implications of printing and apply them in their workplace.
Course Content:
A. Pre-press Fundamentals
  • Principals of pre-press
  • Digital Workflow (AW, Pdf, Jdf, x-Pdf etc)
  • Image Manipulation
  • Pre-press image migration
  • Colour correction
  • Defining Screens & angles
    • Moires & Rosettes
  • Preparing & matching the dieline
  • Step & Repeat
  • Image migration & distortion
Pre-press Considerations:
  • Dot Gain, Screening, Trapping
  • Why do they matter?
  • Font Management
  • Ink & colour matching
  • Compensation for the print process
  • The Forme (Block, Plate or Cylinder:
    • Who makes the ‘Forme’? / What can you expect from forme?
  • Can you make corrections or changes economically at this stage?

B. Printing Fundamentals
The Key Print Technologies in Packaging

Understanding fundamental printing

  • Identifying the Print Processes
  • Where & When to use each process:
    • Planographic (Offset Lithography/Litho/Offset)
    • Intaglio (Rotogravure/ Gravure)
    • Relief (Flexography/Flexo/ Letterpress/ Dry Offset
    • Screen Print
    • Digital
  • Key differences between the print processes
  • Process used by each substrate/

Variable factors to be considered

  • Substrate/ run length & speed/ Types of illustrations/colours used/ Frequency of art-work changes/ Ink density & type (solvent/ aqueous etc)

Press correction

  • Press tolerances & on-press adjustment/ correction/manipulation, Press calibration (finger-printing)

The Final Sign-off

  • Conducting a Press Check -Factors to be considered: Registration. Lighting/ ink-density etc/ Plate errors/ Foreign bodies (hickies/ dust etc)

Print Costing & Control

  • Understanding print cost structures/ Evaluating the cost-relationships between Graphic Design/ Pre-press/ Proof approvals & the final print job sign-off

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