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The growing grey market is challenging Packaging designers to develop barrier-free inclusive packaging yet retain cost-efficiencies.
This course introduces the Universal Design (UD) challenge to develop packaging that is easy to open, close, store & understand.

Packaging 302: Extending Packaging Design Technology
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Duration: 1 Day

Who Should Attend?

Packaging Brand Managers, Technologists and Structural Designers planning a product launch


To provide an introduction to techniques to make packaging more accessible to new growing market groups: the elderly, disabled or young, while enhancing existing target markets with convenience features


Students will have an understanding of the difficulties Packaging presents to these new consumer segments and how to integrate solutions.

Course Content:

Introduction to UD

  • What is UD? Why is important?
  • The financial case for UD
  • How UD can Extend Market Reach
  • Redefining Conventional Market Segments: Grey, Disabled, Young
  • Quantifying the Market

Examples of UD

  • In Daily Life/ In the High-street/ In Packaging

Integrating UD into the Existing Workflow

Re-thinking the Design Process:

  • Product Identification - marking
  • Portability, Storage,
  • Ease of Opening, Closing & Re-packing
  • Ease of Use
  • Instructions for Use
  • Sorting & Package Disposal

The ISO Standard for UD - What is it?

The UD Checklist

  • 20 Questions to Ask at the packaging concept planning stage
  • What it the bottom-line benefit?
  • Grey consumers never buy a product because of a UD feature - Buy they certainly DON’T buy those without!
  • How to meet latent consumer expectations


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