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The Packaging Supply Chain is a complex network of buyers, sellers, contracts & responsibilities. An essential guide for both local Brand owners & Packaging Suppliers to building a profitable Packaging Supply Chain.

This module is delivered at ADVANCED LEVEL ONLY

  • How can it be effectively managed?

  • Who makes the decisions & why?

  • What exactly is it that is being bought & sold?

  • How to differentiate between Price & Quality?

204.1: Commercial Control of the Packaging Supply Chain
Level: Advanced
Duration: 2 Days

Who Should Attend?

Packaging personnel who influence the commercial arrangements of supply:

Buying, Development, Quality, Planning, Factory & Distribution


To give the students a view of the many areas where costs can be controlled in the packaging supply chain, and techniques to help them do it


Students will have a full understanding of the Commercial influences bearing on the Supply Chain, and will be fully conversant with the role of the packaging buyer

Understanding the Packaging Supply Chain
  • What is it?
  • Where do you sit in it?
  • How can it be controlled?

Why do we need Buyers ?

  • Buyers Responsibilities
  • Changing Role of the packaging buyer
  • Suppliers Responsibilities
  • Win - Win?

What are we buying?

  • Specifications
  • Quantities v Capacities
  • When - Timing
  • Deliveries / J-I-T
  • Market Types

How to assess & What makes a Good Supplier

  • Commercial requirements
  • Capabilities
  • Industry Presence
  • Inspecting Suppliers
  • Approved Supplier Status

Cost / Quality / Service

  • Which is best?
  • Can all be perfect?
  • Scoring systems
  • Review and Action

Cost Make up / Cost Modelling

  • What is a cost model?
  • Dangers of Cost modeling
  • Benefits
  • Cost is not Price

Feedstock Material Prices

  • Linkage
  • Available Market Data
  • Linkage to contracts
  • Should we buy the feedstock?

Hole in the Wall and other options

  • Make or Buy
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Alternative Technologies
  • Alternative Materials

Negotiation and E Procurement

  • Getting the best deal
  • Offer Comparison techniques
  • e-Procurement - Dangers and benefits
  • Selling the deal internally

Authorities / Contracts / Terms and Conditions

  • Elements of a Contract
  • Normal terms and conditions
  • Clauses to include and avoid
  • When contracts are broken

Managing a Launch / Relaunch / Major Activity

  • Key factors to achieve Success
  • Network  timings for packaging items
  • Risk analysis and reduction



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