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PackagingTrainingInAsiaThe ability to provide solutions, in a reliable, consistent and cost-efficient manner means having a skilled, professional team capable of responding to these new market conditions.

Whether you are a Multi National Corporation expanding in the region, a Regional Brand Owner growing and defending market share, a Design House or a Packaging Supplier pitching for a slice of this expanding business – a solid Foundation knowledge of the Commercial and Technical realities and alternatives will be indispensable to retaining and growing the business.

"Most packaging graduates, even those with an MSc, don't understand the relationship between materials, process used and cost!"
Paul Clegg, former Global Head of Packaging, Unilever

On-Demand Training - anywhere in Asia
Time is money: travel-time is down-time
! On-demand Packaging Training offers the flexibility for you to determine where, in Asia, the courses are delivered - In-house, on-site or at the venue of your choice anywhere in Asia. This allows you to

  • Maximise staff time
  • Reduce travel-time
  • Optimise operations with minimal disruption to existing schedules.
    All Courses can be offered, together or independently of eachother, and can even be delivered in seperate cities depending on your regional set-up.

Courses can also be run in parallel allowing staff to overlap and share their new skill-sets.
Course Delivery Options - choose what works for you:

About the Programme:

Our programme is divided into three main COURSES:

  • Course 101: Foundation Course --- An essential orientation and review of the fundimentals of the Packaging industry in Asia packaging - the business structure, legislation and technical issues driving cost and production.
  • Course 200 Commercial Aspects of Packaging --- A focus on the commercial aspects of the packaging industry (marketing, procurement, supply-chain management, market trends).
    • How MNCs Buy Packaging, Commercial Aspects of the Packaging Industry, Commercial Packaging Supply Chain Control, Commercial Benefits of Packaging for the Environment
  • Course 300: Technical Aspects of Packaging --- A study into the technical aspects of packaging (design, prepress, materials, production, printing etc.
    • The technology behind Rigid & Flexible Packaging, Mould Manufacture, Paper & Board, Print Production & Control, Accessible Design for New Markets

Each Course consists of a series of UNITS, each covering specific MODULE topics that are ranked by expert levels: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced.

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